Stabbing victim's family prays for speedy recovery

Stabbing victim's family prays for speedy recovery
By: Crystal Britt
PEMISCOT COUNTY, Mo. - New details about a brutal stabbing on a South Pemiscot County school bus. 14-year-old John Moore is now reportedly in good condition, but his family says he has a long road to recovery, and he's not out of the woods yet. Moore's Step-Father tells Heartland News the boy was stabbed 20 times by another 14-year-old boy right after he got on the bus Thursday morning near the Missouri/Arkansas border in Pemiscot County. The bus driver pulled off at a gas station for help where the station owner used a gun to get the knife wielding teen to surrender.
Family members say John Moore came through surgery yesterday, which was partly to repair a damaged intestine. His family also says the teen has stab wounds to his back, and hands, has a punctured lung, plus a stab wound near his heart.
"My phone rang, and someone said your son just got stabbed real bad", said Thomas Bolan. What a nightmare, imagine hearing those words. Thomas Bolan says he drove to the Car-Mac's gas station as fast as he could to find his step-son bleeding from what seemed like countless stab wounds. "He said, dad I'm in pain." Bolan tells Heartland News his son was able to describe what happened. Saying he had just got on the bus and a boy called him to the back ---then said "the snitch is dying". Police however, have not confirmed a motive. The boy's father goes on to say the suspect starting stabbing his son---saying the boy fell in the aisle on his back, then the teen with the knife allegedly stabbed John on the front of his body.
The aftermath is caught on surveillance tape. The family credits the quick action of the bus driver and those at the gas station who offered first aid and kept the situation from escalating. John Moore was airlifted to The Med in Memphis where he'll be for at least another week. "From my heart I wish I could take his pain instead of him taking it because I love my nephew that much", said Larry Moore-John's Uncle. While there's a lot of unanswered questions, the family has only one focus: John's recovery. "He means the world to me, that's my heart", said Larry Moore. 
The family wants to to thank everyone for their prayers and continued support. John apparently is talking some. He's even asked for his radio to listen to his favorite music.
As for the suspect in this case: the 14-year-old's still in custody. Juvenile officers will take the case to juvenile court on Monday where the suspect is expected to be charged as an adult.