Wayne County dog dispute

Wayne County dog dispute
By: CJ Cassidy
WAYNE COUNTY, Mo. - A dispute over a dog leaves some folks in Wayne County shaking their heads in disbelief. Many of us know what it's like to have pets we care about very much. So we can empathize with a Mill Spring family who lost their dog in late September last year. Now the family says they've found their dog, but getting it back won't be easy.
That's because the people who found the dog don't want to give her back. In fact they say they won't give her up without a fight.
"Baby" is a Miniature Dachsund-Chihuahua mix, and it's safe to say this tiny pooch has no idea what a big deal two Wayne County families are making over her. "We had her for six years until October," Rebecca Voyles of Mill Spring says.
That's when she and her family lost Baby. "My kids are crying everyday wanting their dog, me being an emotional wreck all the time," she says.
Voyles thinks the dog jumped out of the open window of her car, while she shopped at a Piedmont Walmart. "I advertised her on the trading post and offered a fifty dollar reward," she says.
Seven months later, Voyles and her family get some exciting news. It turns out someone gave baby to a Piedmont family when they found her wandering around. "My children went and verified this is their dog. My husband has been there, and these people will not give us our dog back," Voyles says.
Jimmy Green has no doubt Baby belonged to the Voyles. But he doesn't want to let her go. "They just now come around saying that's our dog, that's all fine and dandy but I've become attached to the dog," he says.
Green also named the little pooch - Baby! "She acts like a big baby, so I started calling her that," he says. "They just happened to have the same name that we called her," Voyles says.
Now Voyles hopes Green gives her back her furry friend - she's even willing to pay him. Green says Voyles is barking up the wrong tree. He doesn't want money - just Baby.  "I was trying to let Baby make the decision, and she didn't act interested in them," he says.
Jimmy Green and the Voyles are all prepared to fight for Baby in court.
The Piedmont Police Chief tells me an investigation is underway, and legal experts say someone who knowingly keeps another person's property - in this case the dog - could face stealing charges, and also civil action.