Domestic disturbance dispute ends in horrific crash

Domestic disturbance dispute ends in horrific crash
By: Arnold Wyrick

EWING, Ill. - It all started around 2 p.m. in the small town of Ewing, Illinois.  That's where two step-brothers began arguing.  And according to Jim Slaton, his step-brother Dale tried to kill him with a car. "My wife and I saw Dale pull into the driveway.  I went out and talked to him, I said no you can't live here.  I started walking back up the sidewalk and the next thing I know I'm getting plowed by a car," says Jim Slaton.

And according to police the man behind the wheel of the stolen car, Dale Slaton.  Jim says Dale continued attacking him, even after running over him with a car. "I flew through the air he hit me so hard.  Then he got out and started hitting me, beating me and kicking me.  I asked him, what are you doing this for?  And he said I'm going to kill you.  Basically that's what he wanted to do, he wanted to kill me," Slaton said.

The fight between the two men moved onto Jim's front porch, that's where he says Dale ripped down his wind chime and began using part of it as a weapon. "So I hit him with the end of a broom right in the chest.  He jumped back in the car and tried to get away, but he couldn't get the car unstuck.  He had backed over those boards along side my driveway.  So he jumped out and took off down the road," Jim said.

But according to police Dale Slaton didn't run far, before he allegedly stole another vehicle from an employee at the Ewing School.  Then officers say Slaton lead them on a high-speed chase down Highway 37 towards Benton, Illinois at speeds in excess of 100 mph.
Police say Slaton raced through downtown Benton, ignoring traffic signs and signals, and running people off the roadway, before heading north on Interstate 57.
Shortly thereafter the chase came to an end when Slaton crossed over the median and slammed into Johnson County Sheriff Elry Faulkner's cruiser.  The sheriff wasn't even involved in the pursuit of Slaton at the time of the crash.  Faulkner was transporting a prisoner from Clark County back down to Johnson County.
Sheriff Faulkner had to be air-lifted to a Saint Louis hospital with critical injuries.  Slaton was transported to the Franklin County Jail where he remains behind bars, facing numerous criminal charges and traffic violations.