Jewelry heist caught on tape in Perryville

Jewelry heist caught on tape in Perryville
By: Holly Brantley
PERRYVILLE, Mo. - A Perryville jewelery store owner needs your help finding the suspects who burglarized his store. The whole thing was caught on the store's surveillance cameras before he caught them in the act.
Kevin Hilderbrand says he was working late, heard some noise, and went to check it out. He called to the suspects and they ran off. From the video, you say see two men do a little window shopping outside the store. They must have liked what they saw because they proceed to break through the front door and make their way inside.
The suspects look around and grab a couple of items. Then Hilderbrand moves in to catch them in the act. "I just saw the back of their heads as they ran away," said Hilderbrand. "I think they were more scared than I was."
Most of the merchandise is locked away at night. But, they made off with two pieces, a necklace and an engagement ring. Hilderbrand says his store has never been robbed before. He hopes someone may recognize the suspects and alert police. Hilderbrand says a reward will be offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.
The jewelery is worth more than $4000. Officers believe it may show up at a pawn shop. The Hilderbrands also say a get away car might have been involved, possibly a blue or dark colored sedan.