KFVS Receives Big Honors for Outstanding Science Coverage

KFVS Receives Big Honors for Outstanding Science Coverage
From the Heartland Science Lab to Science Day 2006 the Missouri State Teachers Association honors KFVS for outstanding science coverage.

For more than two years meteorologist and science reporter Jason Lindsey has pushed for more science in the Heartland.  Both the Heartland Science Lab and Jason's story on Science Day 2006 earn awards from the MSTA.  The competition recognizes outstanding coverage of education and educational issues by the Missouri media.  Nominations are judged on originality, impact, objectivity, timeliness, appeal, and contribution to education.    

You can watch the award winning Heartland Science Lab every Wednesday LIVE at 5 p.m. and Sunday during the Weekend Breakfast Show for experiments that might get you and your family hooked on science.

Science Day 2007 is quickly approaching!  In 2006 more than 100 schools, science learning centers, along with city and state leaders in four states made the first ever "Science Day" a big success.  Let's work together to make Science Day 2007 even bigger!  

Heartland Science Lab
Here are the latest experiments from the Science Lab and a peek at the latest science news going on from your part of the Heartland.
Science Day 2007 Headquarters
Mayor by mayor and city by city science continues to ooze throughout the Heartland.  This is the first time in the Heartland where this many city and state leaders have united for an event.  The event, "Science Day!"  Here's the latest on "Science Day 2007."