Change of venue agreed on for Currin murder case

Change of venue agreed on for Currin murder case
By: Erica Byfield

MAYFIELD, Ky. - A Western Kentucky murder trial is moving east. All five people indicted in the murder of Jessica Currin appeared in court today together for the second time.

There will be a change of venue in the Currin case.  Judge Tim Stark granted the request to move the trail to Christian County. Christian county sits along the Kentucky Tennessee border; it is 90 miles away from Mayfield.

The five defendants Quincy Cross, Tamara Caldwell, Jeff Burton, Victoria Caldwell and Vinisha Stubblefield all sat quietly in the court room as the judge went through the proceedings.

We learned, the attorney generals office will give the defense attorney's copies of the evidence against their clients before May 31st. And at the next pre trail hearing in July, they have an opportunity to ask any questions.

Assistant Attorney General Barbara Maines Whaley told me the state wants justice for the Currin family.  "For the sake of the Currin family we are making every effort to see this case resolved."

Attorney's on both sides of this case are optimistic that they will go to trial before the end of this year. Currin's badly burned and beaten body was found behind Mayfield middle school more than six years ago.

All five suspects in the case pleaded not guilty in March.