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Indianapolis, IN

High Mileage Car

High Mileage Car
By: Heartland News

INDIANAPOLIS, In. --In these days of high gas prices, we're all trying to squeeze the best mileage we can out of our vehicles. Some students in Indiana have built vehicles that can get over one thousand miles to the gallon. A high school competition was under way in Indianapolis Monday.  Teams from about three dozen high schools from around the state took part in this year's super mileage challenge at O'Reilly Raceway Park.

The lightweight, 3-wheeled vehicles were created by the engineers of tomorrow. But these cars aren't built for speed, they're built for efficiency. Each competitor had to make at least 10 laps around the oval, averaging just 15 miles per hour. In the end, gas tanks are weighed and mileage is calculated. Their goal was more than one thousand miles per gallon.

And students from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology were on hand to show off their car that finished second in a national competition. It got more than 1,600 miles per gallon.


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