Town offering big prize for 100-yard egg toss

Town offering big prize for 100-yard egg toss
By: Associated Press
SENECA, Mo. -- Think you and a partner could toss an egg 100 yards? There's a $10,000 prize if you can.
The big contest takes place July Third, during the two-day 4th of July celebration in the small, southwest Missouri town of Seneca along the Kansas border.
Seneca has held an egg-toss contest for years, but of the more traditional kind. For top prizes of about $10, two-member teams in varying age groups would see who could throw a raw egg the farthest without the egg breaking.
The Liberty Days committee hatched the idea of a 100-yard throw for a five-figure prize after last year's 4th of July.
Officials say a couple set the egg-toss record of 108 yards in Texas in 1978.
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