Elementary school gets adult play ground equipment

Elementary school gets adult play ground equipment
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - Playground equipment is no longer just for the kids. One heartland elementary school is installing adult workout stations in the yard to help trim the fat in the community.

The age limit for recess in Paducah just went through the roof. Thanks in part to a $16,000 check, leaders at McNabb Elementary are calling both young and old to their campus in an effort to battle the bulge. "Not your typical playground equipment like swings and slides or anything like that.  There will be a pull up station, sit up station so they are going to target different muscle groups" said Carol Withrow.

The program is officially called "Project Fit America." The purpose is to offer communities across the country, the opportunity to put in state of the art fitness equipment for everyone to use. "We have really a high level of obesity with the children and adults and this is just something we felt we could do to instill some good positive exercise habits" said Withrow.

Some fourth graders at McNabb can't wait to get their families involved. "I'm going to tell them it's free, they don't have to pay and they can come when ever they want" said Whitney Hodge. "So everybody could have more energy and strengthen their bodies" said Valencia Lynn.

Ory Peterson said "a lot of people here are over weight... a lot and by doing this everyday it will help them loose weight." Carol Withrow says this is only the beginning. Next, parents and students have got to use it to prove people in this area are ready to drop some weight.

The new equipment at McNabb Elementary should be ready before school starts in August.