Your Turn - 4/30/07

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Wayne Klinckhardt of Marble Hill:
"I am sickened by the coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings...the news media has gone totally out of control.  People complain about terrorists' acts but the repeated and non-stop coverage afforded their acts glorifies and aggrandizes them to the level of is disgusting that we are forced to endure the non-stop barrage of garbage news.  Let's become socially responsible and promote the positive."
Cathy Mitchell from Marion:
"I was horrified to see the Virginia Tech gunman's video on television...the constant replay of those horrific pictures is compounding the terror and increasing the stress levels of all those affected...enough is enough."
Angela Shell from Jackson:
"My heart breaks for the V-Tech students and their families...the news coverage is a bit far as showing the killer's videos WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??  PLEASE GIVE THE FAMILIES THE PEACE THEY DESERVE!!!"
Carrie Thacker from Missouri's Boot Heel:
"I completely agree with (Mike Smythe) on the (Don Imus) matter...slavery was a long time ago and has been apologized for many times over...I disagree with all racism and think it should be stopped.  That means racism against Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and all other nationalities."

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