Human skull found in a creek

Human skull found in a creek
By: Erica Byfield

BALLARD COUNTY, Ill. - We're learning more about a shocking discover in a local creek!Someone found a skull in a Ballard County creek. We now know that skull belongs to an adult female.

A farmer by trade, Ken Wray is an outdoorsman "I try to walk at least a mile or two everyday." So, it's not uncommon for him to hike across this field. Two days ago, Wray was walking back from feeding his sheep and noticed something odd in the creek. "Twenty or so feet off the road I saw this skull.  I thought it was an animal skull.  I had a walking stick in my hand and I cleaned some leaves off it, two eye holes were exposed and then a nose."

To his surprise, Wray found the skull of an adult female "we never had nothing like this happen here in the Ingleside community." Investigators spent the day combing the area for evidence; they used medal detectors, their hands and the sniffing power of three cadaver dogs to search the creek bed for other remains. "So far we have not found anything" said Trooper Barry Meadows with the Kentucky State Police.

KSP called in anthropologist, Emily Craig. She determined the skull's been in the creek for at least two years. "She'll know more when she gets back to the lab and do some research on the skull" said Bob Morrow the Ballard County Coroner.   

Meanwhile, Ken Wray pleased he didn't follow his first instinct "If I would have picked it up with my hands instead of with a walking stick I might have pitched it off into the creek and thought no more about it.  I'm certainly glad I didn't know."
Police are too and hope this search will unearth more evidence so they can put an end to this Ballard creek mystery.