Marquand students lose class credit for attending protest

Marquand students lose class credit for attending protest
By: Holly Brantley
MARQUAND, Mo. - Continuing coverage about student's rallying around a teacher on the verge of losing her job. Monday, students and parents protested to let the community know they want Connie hall back at Marquand Zion High School. Hall was placed on paid leave. Apparently, Hall wrote an email from her personal account to a former teacher discussing sexual activity involving three students during a school trip. Hall wasn't even on the trip. But, she says the Superintendent asked her to resign over the email.
Meanwhile, the fallout continues. Students and Parents are still angry. They say they stood up for what they feel was right and now face the loss of school credit that could mean repeating part of the semester. "We were on school property," said April Davis. "They asked us to leave."
Students who gathered at the protest took zeroes in the classes they missed. But, these students only had one unexcused absence remaining, and lost some class credits. "My daughter brought all her grades up to A's and B's," said Sandra Patterson. "Now she's lost every bit of it."

Students feel it was their right to protest. The protest began on school property. Students and parents say they were asked to leave school grounds and locked out of school. Superintendent Duane Schindler says all students were given the opportunity to come back to class. He says being on school property isn't the same as attending classes. "She was on school property," said Patterson. "I don't think she was absent."

Regardless students and parents feel proud for standing up for their teacher. Connie Hall says she still plans to try to get her job back. In the meantime the School Board held a special school board Tuesday.