Does it Work Wednesday
By: Lauren Keith
This week's Does It Work Wednesday test takes us to the Post Office. Of course, they do a lot of mail sorting here, but the Post Pffice itself also receives mail. Clerk Jane Stoops is one of many who opens it.  I thought she'd be perfect to help us test the iSlice.

The iSlice promises it can open anything, no need for scissors, and it even opens difficult plastic packaging.  Wait a sec... we already have a problem! "I'm going to need scissors to open it!" says Jane as she looks at the plastic packaging the iSlice comes with.

Anyway's, we start small. Jane and I can't even see the blade, nor feel it, so we're curious how it's going to open anything! "You're supposed to hold it parallel to whatever you're cutting," she reads off the instructions.

Jane puts the iSlice on an envelope, and sure enough it slices right through it. Word of caution, this hidden blade is pretty powerful.  It sliced right through both sides of the paper, but it did not touch the desktop, thankfully. Next up - some coupons. It once again slides through the coupon, making nice straight lines.  Now we've worked our way up to that tricky plastic packaging. "It's not working as good," says Jane as she slices through a plastic package on a toy. "I think I'd grab a pair of scissors at this point," she says.

So, it seems this kind of packaging is hard to open, no matter what, but Jane eventually gets it open. "There we go!" she says.

However, Jane changes her mind about how useful this slicer might be, after all.  She notes it might be harder to open that circular plastic package with scissors. At least with the islice, you can place it wherever you want, hold it parallel, and slice right through the package. "It doesn't cut your hands, which is great for kids," she also tells us.

Jane wants to officially trade in her scissors for the iSlice. "I think a grade of 'B' plus.  It's a little more difficult on plastic, but it still worked pretty good," she says.

So, it didn't zip right through the plastic packaging like we hoped, but it still opened it, and it makes nice straight lines almost effortlessly. It's not bad for five bucks.  The iSlice makes the cut with a B+ on this Does it Work Wednesday test.
By the way, we used the islice on a future product to be tested on Does it Work.  Starting in May, I kick off a Summer Fun Toy Tester Series on Does it Work Wednesday.  We'll look at a bunch of outdoor toys for kids, and see if they work and just how durable they really are. Some of these include: the Rocket Fishing Rod, Backyard Safari, MoonBoards, and several water toys.
We'll also take a look at the latest in camping gear, so stay tuned in May for my "Summer Fun" Does it Work series each Wednesday on the Breakfast Show and on Heartland News at 10.