Children arrested for cemetery vandalism

Children arrested for cemetery vandalism
By: Wes Wallace
DEXTER, Mo. - Vandals strike a Dexter cemetery, leaving a pile of trash and graffiti behind on an infant's grave.  Oddly enough, they didn't touch any other marker in Hagy Cemetery.
"When I first say it, I was really upset.  My heart just broke,"  says Lacy Eakes, "I couldn't understand why someone would do that to my son's grave."
Lacy's mother, Tammy Keeling found the vandals' work and couldn't believe her eyes.  "It was really disturbing," says Keeling, "Later on, I realized the girls didn't mean any harm.  I don't understand their reasoning, but hopefully they learned a lesson from this."
The two 12-year-old girls confessed to the crime Monday morning.  They're charged with property damage and placed under house arrest as the case continues.