Marquand students show support for teacher placed on leave

Marquand students show support for teacher placed on leave
By: Holly Brantley

MARQUAND, Mo. - Students in Marquand say Connie Hall is a teacher who's always there when you need her. But now they say she needs them. Hall was placed on paid leave last week. Apparently it all started on a Beta Club Trip to Branson in March.

Hall wasn't even on the trip. But she wrote an email from her personal account to a former teacher discussing sexual activity involving three students during the trip. According to Hall, the Superintendent first told her he knew about the email and called it a Breach of Student Security and a violation of policy.
Hall says the students confided in her about what happened on the trip. Information students say was already public knowledge. She doesn't understand why she was locked out and asked to resign over the personal email.
Monday, students rallied in protest and support for Hall. They decided if Hall wasn't going to be at school neither would they.
At the protest, many parents turned out; many of the parents were also students of Hall's.
"Most kids would tell you Ms. Hall is their favorite teacher," said Phillip Reeves. Reeves is a Marquand student who helped organize the rally. "She really loved and cared for us kids she'd do absolutely anything for us kids."
"Miss Hall's getting railroaded for writing an email," said Brittney Greer. Greer was on the student trip and she supports Ms. Hall. "I don't understand why the sponsors who were on the trip weren't punished and Ms. Hall was."
"It just tears us up to see her go," said Reeves.
"My son is probably losing his credits over this," said LaDonna Richter. Richter says the school threatened to take away some of the students credits for being a part of the protest. The protest began on school property but was moved to a nearby store parking lot. "I stand behind my son," Richter said. "I don't want him going to a school where people don't care."
Hall's sister, Sandy Moyers also showed her support at the protest. "I am just elated to see all these kids here. Connie would love it. She doesn't nothing for these kids but love them and they know it. She has not had the opportunity to support herself at all in this case."
"We want miss hall back in our school because she's always there for us," said Alicia Hollingsworth.
"Us kids we really love her and we really want to welcome her back to our school," said Reeves. "We want the community to see we want to welcome her back she makes a big impact on our lives."
Superintendent Dwayne Schindler tells Heartland News, Ms. Hall was placed on paid leave. But could offer no other comment.
Meanwhile Connie Hall says she plans to take legal action to get her job back. She says she owes it to the students who put themselves on the line to stand behind her.