Chaffee officer cleared - accusers tape confession

Chaffee officer cleared - accusers tape confession
By: CJ Cassidy
CHAFFEE, Mo. - Shocking new claims in the case involving a former Chaffee Police Officer - this time - accusations fly against the Chief of Police.

Daniel Ayers - the former cop accused of soliciting two women for sex - says he's well on his way to clearing his name. We talked to Ayers at a support rally two and a half months ago, right after Chief Marty Keyes fired him and Scott County deputies arrested him.

The tape is essentially a confession - with the two women taking back their original accusations against Ayers. We aired portions of it with their permission - they signed a written release to that effect. On tape the women still make some claims - but this time, they're against Ayer's former boss - the current Chief of Police, Marty Keyes. "I want to say I'm sorry I didn't think this would have happened to you - I was tricked. I'm seriously sorry. Chief Marty Keyes told us he would do us a favor if we did him a favor.... and write a statement against Daniel Ayers saying he came over. He did not come over; that he did other things while he was on duty - he did not," one of Ayers' former accusers - April Mayberry says on tape. "I'm sorry about what happened," Jessica Smiley, his other accuser adds.

The two women say they made up the story about Ayers; the one where he asked them to perform sex acts at this apartment in exchange for cigarettes and cash. "I was basically setup by Marty Keyes," April Mayberry says. "They signed these statements under duress or fear - they've recanted and apologized to Daniel. All allegations against him are false," Ayers' attorney Jim McClellan says, sitting next to his client. "I can understand where they're coming from someone of that stature sitting there telling them what to do," Ayers adds.

Chaffee Police Chief Marty Keyes tells me he has no idea what the women are talking about. Late last week, the Scott County Prosecutor dismissed the charges against Ayers.

Still Ayers says that's not enough - he wants his job back too. "I love Chaffee and the people there. I want to work there again," Ayers says. Scott County investigators and Chaffee's Mayor all tell me there's more to the story - they say Chief Keyes had other reasons to fire Ayers.

Ayers agrees, but claims the allegations against him came soon after he went to the police board to speak out about illegal activity in the Chaffee Police Department.Now he just hopes the videotaped confessions help his side of the story. "I hope a proper investigation is done on Marty Keyes," Ayers says.

Ayers attorney says he plans to stand by his client's side and call for the Missouri Highway Patrol to investigate the allegations against the Chief. Ayers says he hopes he can return to work as a police officer in Chaffee, but not while Chief Keyes is in office.

So, why did the women make that tape in the first place? Ayers and his attorney tell me the women wanted to make things right again - they apparently felt guilty about all the problems the accusations caused for Daniel Ayers.