Cozmo's Espresso, Gelato, & Deli

At Cozmo's we specialize in expresso, gelato, cinnamon rolls and gourmet deli items!

Cozmo's Expresso, Gelato & Deli started out as an idea of our owner, Dr. Jessup.  Over the last few years, Cozmo's has grown up out of the vision of our founder.  His goal is to achieve success with this endeavor in order to further his dream of Cozmo's.

It is our goal here at Cozmos, first and foremost, to fullfill all of our patron's needs.  Second, it is our goal to make money, but we can only achieve this by achieving the first goal for every time for every guest.  We at Cozmo's are a team and a family, so we also want you to enjoy the time you spend with us.  If we do these things and work together, Cozmo's will continue to strive to grow in the future.

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1929 Independence St.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701