Air Show Safety

Air Show Safety
By: Holly Brantley

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --What went wrong? What caused the crash that killed a Navy Blue Angels' pilot during an air show. That's what investigators in South Carolina are trying to figure out. It's a crash local air festival organizers call a terrible tragedy as they reflect on risks involved.
"You never want to hear about something like that. Obviously, those pilots are very well trained, but it can happen," said Cape Girardeau Regional Airport Manager Bruce Loy.
Loy explains they (organizers) work with local emergency response personnel to come up with a strategy to keep everyone safe including on lookers and pilots. "Pilots get a packet from the festival that shows them the terrain and different places they can land in the region in case they experience problems."
Loy says the goal is to keep air craft that might have a problem away from the crowd. "You try and train for this with our crews so that we have people ready just in case. It's the kind of thing you hope never happens," said Loy.