Your Turn - 4/23/07

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Robert Sumner of Cape Girardeau:
"I'm an over the road driver and am tired of seeing state and local police officers driving at excessive speeds in non-emergency travel.  I know speed and some of these officers pass me in excess of 90 or even 100 miles per hour.  They should be reported for breaking the law."
Carl Fielder of Dexter:
"I had a friend who passed away.  He served in Vietnam and had cancer from being exposed to Agent Orange...the government should pay all the costs of funeral arrangements for the vets instead of leaving the burden for the family."

Randy Higgs from Doniphan:
"There is a pilot program from the U.S. Department of Transportation to allow...Mexican trucking companies to come across the border and make hauls that should go to American truck will make the salaries of American truck drivers go down drastically and put owner operators out of business."

Ruth Schuette from Jackson:
"...the comments from Don Imus about the Rutgers Womens' Basketball Team called for more than just mere conversation from me.  How very sad that this man was allowed to take away a great day from these women...I am impressed with these bright young women who responded with total grace and dignity...I will never listen to this man and hope others do not either."
Rod Lipe from Cape Girardeau:
"Although the (Don Imus) racial remark was out of line...I don't believe he should be fired for it.  Something should be done about the filth and racial music that is heard on the radio.  To those that went after Imus, try going after those that really make an impression on the young people."

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