Two Heartland schools go into lock down

Two Heartland schools go into lock down
By: Crystal Britt
PEMISCOT COUNTY, Mo. - Two schools in southeast Missouri go under lock down both for security reasons. The first in Steele, the second in Caruthersville.
It was a scary situation at Caruthersville High School and Middle School as police warn administrators two men, wanted out of Clay County, Arkansas might be hiding out near school grounds. They reportedly had a gun, and were threatening to shoot police. School leaders immediately put the school in lock down mode as students hid under desks, and no one was allowed in or out.
The school is not running as usual. Last year's tornado devastated the high school, forcing class to take place across the street in trailers. The principal says security is a big concern, and today he took no chances. "You have to be vigilant because things like that (the Virginia Tech shooting) could happen anywhere around the United States, said Mike Wallace.  No one was injured, and the school was back to normal by lunchtime. The suspects police were looking for remain on the loose.  
That's not the only scare here in the Heartland, Wednesday in Steele a bunch of disputes in and outside South Pemiscot High School caused quite the stir.
It all started Tuesday night with adults and students fighting off campus. That bled over to the next day with some students arguing at school. School leaders felt the situation was intense enough to call in police shortly after, two girls ages 17 and 18 got in a fight at the school. They were arrested and face a host of charges. The school resource officer felt he needed back up and called in local police as well as the Pemiscot County Sheriff's Department, Missouri Highway Patrol, and County Juvenile Officers.
The school went into temporary lock down to keep potentially trouble making adults from coming in.  "After we learned what occurred in the community had come to the school, we wanted to be guilty of over-reacting instead of under-reacting", said Principal Brandon Jones. "Our basic was to keep the adults off the campus, and we wanted to be safe rather than sorry. Our main concern was the kids and whatever it took to ensure their safety was going to be done", said Deputy Gary Hilburn-School Resource Officer.
Five people were arrested in Steele, two are students. We're told a family dispute caused all the trouble. No weapons were involved, and police were on school grounds all day Thursday to make sure everything was under control.