Eyesore could be more than just unsightly

Eyesore could be more than just unsightly
By: Crystal Britt
CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Mo. - Every town's got them and no one wants them, not in their back yard anyway. An eyesore in Gape Girardeau County has some neighbors saying, it's not only a mess but a potential health hazard.
"It's not good for the environment, people, pretty well everything", said Mat Heroux. Every day neighbors deal with trash, rundown vehicles, a tractor trailer bed, and the biggest complaint: container after container of chemicals including large amounts of weed killer.
The home's located on Chillicothe Lane in rural Jackson. The owner, Bill Drury, wasn't home when Heartland News was there. Neighbors say his property has been unsightly for years. "It kinda makes our subdivision look bad, it's nice out here's it's just an eyesore right here", said Mat Heroux.
Heroux lives right up the road with his parents. He's worried about creek contamination. The creek runs into Apple Creek which runs into the Mississippi River. "There's also kids that play in the creek and it's bad when kids play there, and there's trash all over the place." Heroux's not the only concerned neighbor, others told us how upset they are, but were afraid to go on camera because they're not sure how the owner would react.
The owner was also not available for comment. After a recent complaint, the Department of Natural Resources is now investigating. Officers will issue a report soon on whether they think the situation is indeed hazardous.