Campus safety at Southern Illinois University

Campus safety at Southern Illinois University
By: Arnold Wyrick
CARBONDALE, Ill. - The campuses of Southern Illinois University and Virginia Tech are similar.  Both have dorm rooms on one side of campus, and classrooms on the other side.  And neither have any secure entrances anywhere.
A spokesperson for SIU tells Heartland News that they don't have any policies in place to deal with such an unpredictable event like what happened on the Virginia Tech campus.  But, that they do have ways to communicate with people if they need too.
Some students at SIU have their own ideas of how things should be handled on campus to keep everyone safe, from a gunman on a rampage.
"I think SIU already has a good security program, like the 24 hour photo-identification.  So nobody can get in and out the dorm if they don't live here.  But, I think if that would happen here they should just put the whole campus on lock down," says Melissa Osayande.
But, that's a problem facing university leaders across the nation, how do you lock down an entire campus that stretches over thousands of acres?
"I know it's hard to communicate because the campus is so big.  But, I mean emails, and alarms locking things down can only do so much.  They need to like have everyone practice a emergency routine, or something like that," says Hung Phu.
Still one student thinks security measures on the SIU campus should be stepped up even further.
"They just need to have stronger security system around here and on the other campus.  They have been doing it here at the dorms with the 24 hour sign-in.  And they should probably be getting metal detectors now I think," says Paul Baloun.
According to the spokesperson for SIU, exactly what sort of procedure changes and technology changes to make on the SIU campus is still being actively talked about among university administrators.  We tried to contact them for a comment on our story, but none of them returned our phone calls.