Wet to Straight ceramic flat iron

Wet to Straight ceramic flat iron
By: Lauren Keith
This Does it Work Wednesday test takes us to Elements salon in Cape. In the spotlight - the new, $200 ceramic flat iron called, Wet to Straight, by Chi.  The Chi irons are very popular, and this one's the latest model.  It's supposed to dry and straighten your hair!
Hold up - I can hear you gasping at the price tag, but if you have curly hair like Amy Coleman, then you might be wiling to pay almost anything to find a straightening iron that actually works!
Amy says she only straightens her naturally curly hair once a week, because it takes so long to flatten, and she really hasn't found a flat iron that works.  So, will the new Wet to Dry Chi straighten her curly locks? Stylist Heather Laszewski lets us know.
Here's what's different and new about this Chi product.  First, this one uses very hot steam to straighten the hair.  Plus, Heather says just like it's name, Wet to Dry, it really does work best if your hair is damp! "With this tool, if it not's wet, it won't get as straight, and you'll notice that. It works better if it's 5 to ten percent wet," says Heather.
So, don't expect to just hop out of the shower and run this Chi through your hair. Both Heather and Amy say you'll still have to blow-dry your hair a bit.
So, let's put this Chi to the test. Heather wets down Amy's hair and does not dry it.  With one run-through of the Chi Wet to Straight, and it's straight!  Plus, the hair feels fully dry, too! I gotta admit that's pretty amazing. "It definitely works nicely. It also makes it really shiny because it's using that steam to flatten and straighten the hair," says Heather.
Here's where the possible time-saver comes in. Many of us use a round-brush and a blow-dryer to help straighten our hair, then we run a flat iron through it to polish it off. These two gals say you can toss the round-brush and pick up this Chi Wet to Straight instead. "You don't have to spend all that time tugging on a round-brush," says Heather. "It definitely gets all the kinks out and it does it in one-try," notes Amy, as she runs her fingers through her now-straightened hair.
Ok, I think it's pretty clear we have a winner on our hands. Amy's gone from damp, curly hair to straight and dry tresses in hardly no time at all. So, is it worth the $200 price tag?
"The overall outcome is awesome. The cuticle is softer, shinier and flat. I like it. I think it should get an A," says Heather, the stylist.
"I would definitely use it. It can be deceiving though because you think you just get right out of the shower and use it, and you can't, but I'd still give it an "A" or A-minus," says Amy.
I agree. This new Wet to Dry Chi didn't turn up a hair-raising experience. Instead, it styles up a nearly perfect A- on this Does it Work Wednesday test.
Stylist Heather Laszewski reminds anyone using a straightening iron:  protect your hair from heat damage by first spraying a thermal product onto your hair.  Look for one that claims to coat your hair with a protectant.
You can buy the $200 Wet to Straight Chi at Elements Salon in Cape, or ask your stylist about it.  Many salons are able to get the product from their state beauty supply company.