Marion man to bike cross-country for MS

Marion man to bike cross-country for MS
By: Carly O'Keefe

MARION, Ill. - Sunday, April 22, Rob Landes of Marion, Illinois will start his cross-country road trip for Muscular Sclerosis. "We'll be riding from Costa Mesa, California and we'll traverse the United States going north east to Boston, Massachusetts," Landes said.

He'll travel 3,459 miles entirely on a bicycle. "This is something I've literally dreamed of since I was in high school," said Landes. Landes will participate in the 'Fast America Ride'. He'll pedal through 15 states over 32 days, riding up to 153 miles per day. "I think physically I'm ready, and I think in my mind I haven't given myself the ability to fail," Landes said.

Landes' determination is fueled by more than just his dream of crossing the country on a bike. "My mom was diagnosed with muscular sclerosis ten years ago. The Tyler Hamilton Foundation--he's my favorite cyclist--benefits people with multiple sclerosis directly through grants and research," said Landes.

The goal was to raise $7,200 dollars for the Tyler Hamilton Foundation to help his mother and others who suffer from MS. Landes has already surpassed that goal by nearly $600. Soon he'll hit the road, and with every mile under his tires, he'll be that much closer to his life long goals.
Between motivation to complete the dream and honoring my mom, I know I can complete the ride," said Landes.

If you'd like to donate to the Tyler Hamilton Foundation to support Rob Landes' ride--click here.