Local man starts his own recycling program

Local man starts his own recycling program
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - One local man is taking his own steps to help keep his community clean and eco friendly. "It's better to be ahead of the game than behind" said Merle Paschedag. 

When it comes to going green, Paschedag is way ahead of the curve "we came from Chicago where you would recycle everything."

That's not the case in Paducah, so he decided made his own back yard the community recycle headquarters. "I've been recycling myself and I offered 2 my neighbors that I would take the trash to the dump" he said.

The idea's catching on; Paschedag has two trailers set up behind his home to collect recyclable goods, neighbors drop it off, he sorts it out and hauls what's left to Mason's Recycling at least twice a month. "I've been collecting cardboard and paper products that magazines and junk mail anything paper and beverage cans."

But he doesn't want his efforts to stop here "get Paducah to go green, that's exactly what we want."
So, he and some other equally passionate residents recently approached city leaders and asked them to get involved by setting up community drop sites and eventually curb side pick up.
"We're based on people coming up with ideas of things that need to be done and getting people to help with it" said Paschedag. 
Paschedag's still waiting to hear if the city commission will start its own recycling program.  So, until he gets the final ok his plan is to keep collecting paper and cans to prove to Paducah it's time to go green.
Merle Paschedag says he gets 40 dollars for every ton of paper he recycles and uses that money to help spread the word about going green.