YourTurn - 4/16/07

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Marilyn Martin from Poplar Bluff:
"So what's next?  Are we going to start arresting the little old ladies who buy the most baking soda for their home baking???  I'm definitely for the fight against drugs but this is very extreme...our freedoms are eroding faster than the melting polar (ice) cap."
Steve Hay from Cape Girardeau:
"I thought it was ridiculous when they came out with a law about cold meds.  I mean they can't control the borders, so let's punish everyone, sounds like a plan to me!  Now it's baking soda.  What's next, flour, sugar, salt, pepper, bleach ammonia, knives, shovels? get the can find a way to use anything for an unintended purpose."
Shirley Stroud from DuQuoin:
"I would support prayer in schools as long as my son could also perform Wiccan (ancient witchcraft) rituals in school.  What's fair for one is fair for the other."
Bill Walker from Jackson:
"I agree with Mike Smythe on cell phone use.  It is really out of control...(it) is an asset for car emergencies and other unexpected occurrences...(but) cell phone use is diminishing meaningful conversations and our ability to be effective listeners."

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