Original Lens Dr.: Does it Work?

Original Lens Dr.: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

The Original Lens Dr. is a new As Seen on TV product that claims it wipes away scratches on your eyeglasses---almost instantly!  Several Heartland News viewers requested I give the Lens Doctor a test.   After all, if it works, wouldn't it be nice to simply repair your glasses at home rather than buy a new pair each time they become scratched? Annette Shoulders of Cape Girardeau thinks so.  She's worn glasses for ten years now.
Annette also volunteers with the Cape Evening Lions Club. That organization collects eyeglasses for those who can't otherwise afford them. We knew we'd find a pair with a scratch inside one of the Lions Collection boxes. In fact, we found several.
"With your finger spread the solution and remove all the grime," reads Annette as she looks over the instructions.
Next, we rinse with water as directed, rather than wipe the Lens Doctor solution away. Now we apply the second step---the special Lens Doctor coating, which pretty much looks like lip gloss. It's sticky, and it doesn't make this scratch magically disappear, like in the commercial.
"No, it just didn't do that!" says Annette.
In fact, a closer look at the directions tells us these glasses have to sit for 5 minutes, then you can use a hair dryer to dry up the solution. By the way, even the hair dryer doesn't speed up the overall time here. The instructions say to keep the hot air on the glasses for at least 5 minutes, and Annette's supposed to keep the air 16 inches away from the lens.  Again, not so instant here.
While Annette's doing that, I get a second pair of glasses. I notice, written in very small print, the instructions tell you glasses with deep scratches may not work with the Lens Doctor solution.  So, we're going to extra fair here, as always.  I grab this second lightly-scratched pair and go to work on it.
Still, from what we can tell so far.  Both Annette and I bet you're going to scratch the Lens Doctor off your wish list!
"I don't think it did a very good job. It made it worse, I think," says Annette.
She's right----back at the KFVSstation, I apply a second coating to the glasses, because again, the directions say deep scratches may need more treatments. However, as this stuff dries up, it just makes the glasses even harder to look through!
The directions say for best results, you should let the coated glasses dry for eight to ten hours to completely cure. I'm going to do better than that. I eave them overnight. When I return, thse glasses should be scratch-free!
Even with that extra coating and more drying time----- we have a bigger problem than what we started with! Not only did the Lens Doctor not work, it also made both pairs of glasses completely unusable! This stuff doesn't wash off, and it leaves behind little particles on the glasses!
Good grief! I don't want this doctor making house calls for me anytime soon. It's clear to me, the $15 dollar Original Lens Doctor gets an "F" on this eye-opening Does it Work Wednesday test.