Pranks turn criminal in Piedmont - three arrested

Pranks turn criminal in Piedmont - three arrested
By: Crystal Britt
PIEDMONT, Mo. - Most kids go through a rebellious stage, but in Piedmont three young men took it to the extreme. From trying to cause accidents, to vandalizing a cemetery and a church, these young adults are now in a world of trouble.
Andrew Pemberton, 19-years-old, and his 18-year-old brother Anthony Pemberton are both in jail along with their roommate, 21-year-old Kevin McNail. They might be the most talked about guys in town, but they're certainly not the most popular. Police say, they're jokes could have turned deadly.
For three weeks police tried to catch the pranksters who at least on 11 different occasions tried to block Highway B outside of town with large rocks. "It was pretty good sized rocks, that would cause substantial damage to a vehicle or may be even injuries or cost a life", said Police Chief Richard Sanders.
The rocks weren't the only issue. The trouble makers also knocked down some old and very ornately designed headstones at the Masonic Cemetery. "I always look at a cemetery as a sacred place for your relatives and should be left alone. After all, these people up here ain't hurtin nobody", said Cemetery Volunteer Samuel Losh.
He's talking about repair costs in the $1000's - money the cemetery really doesn't have. "After something like this, we'd be hard pressed to come with the money for it", said Losh.  After all that---there's more. Police Chief Sanders says, "They knocked the head off the Virgin Mary at the Catholic Church then they got down in an alley way and got five gallons of diesel, poured it off a man's porch, got on down, threw rocks through local citizens windows." The list goes on.
But finally on Friday night, officers waited for the men to strike again. "They came back and was going to place the rocks again, saw our officers and took off running", said Sanders. That's where K-9 Jay came in. "About 20 minutes later he tracked them straight to the apartment door", said Cpl Michael Irions.  "Jay" found two of the men at that apartment where all three unemployed men live. Jay helped track down the other guy the next day.
This type of crime spree might be a first in Piedmont. "Never had this happen before", said Sanders. With all three behind bars, people in Piedmont hope it's the last.
A preliminary hearing for all three men is set for Thursday April 12th.