Woman robbed at gunpoint in her home

Woman robbed at gunpoint in her home
By: Arnold Wyrick
ORIENT, Ill. - The town of Orient, Illinois is home to only a couple of hundred people.  And one of them is Kim Peters, she's lived on Chicago Street for the past five years. But her peace and quiet all came to a sudden end early Sunday morning.  That's when Peters awoke to a loud noise. "It was a real loud bang.  And I come out of the bedroom, I thought maybe my dogs were fighting.  But there was a man coming through the door," Peters said.
But she says the man wasn't alone. "Him and another gal forced their way in and held me at gunpoint.  When they grabbed me and put the gun to me I realized it wasn't a joke."
But what the suspects did want, Peters found somewhat amusingly. "They asked me for Vicodin, Vicodin of all things! And anybody who knows me, knows that I don't do that kind of stuff," Peters said.
But that didn't stop the intruders from ransacking her home and finding some money she had hidden away inside one of her rooms. "I'd just cashed my paycheck, and got a deposit from the people across the street on the house I sold them.  So it was over $2,000, they got all my money, every dime I possibly had to my name.  I don't know how I'm going to pay my electric next month."
In the process of tearing through Peters' home though the suspects made a couple of mistakes they called out each others names. "They should have never done that, because I started putting two and two together," Peters said.
And so did police who tracked down 26 year old April Miller, and her husband 39 year old Dennis Miller, at April's apartment in West Frankfort.
The two were arrested and charged with Armed Robbery and Home Invasion.  They both remained locked behind bars in the Franklin County Jail Wednesday night.