The E.P.A. is helping clean-up Southern Illinois

The E.P.A. is helping clean-up southern Illinois
By: Erica Byfield
ALEXANDER COUNTY, Ill. - Crews with I-RID, or Illinois Removes Illegal Dumps, worked Monday to clean up the mess some Alexander County residents have made over the years.
So far the E.P.A. has spent more than a million dollars in tax dollars to clean up 45 illegal dump sites across the state, 25 of which are in southern Illinois.  Crews picked up trash, baby seats, garden hoses and electronics from the banks of the Ohio River in Alexander County, right out side Cairo.
A representative with the Illinois E.P.A. says after they haul away the trash from the dumpsites they are going to post signs, install cameras and gates to deter people from dumping their waste in the same locations again.