Bertrand election flawed because of old boundary lines on a map

Bertrand election flawed because of old boundary lines on a map
By: Holly Brantley
BERTRAND, Mo. - Less than a week after the municipal elections in Missouri, errors abound. In Bertrand, races were impacted because folks say the boundary lines were not correct. Three races are in question. The entire town votes on the mayor and only one person ran for alderman in ward two. So, it all comes down to ward one.
It's a question of boundary lines between wards one and two. Folks at city hall in Bertrand say as long as they can remember, the boundary lies right down Hickory Street. But on election day, some residents say the names on their ballots didn't match who was running in their ward.
Danny Freeland ran for alderman in ward one. He lost to Bruce Groves by three votes. Freeland says he doesn't mind losing.  "There were some people saying they live in ward one but listed in ward two," said Freeland. "But, they were made to vote in ward two, according to the book. I don't mind losing. But I would like to do so fairly."
Bruce Groves lives in ward one. During the election Groves, the winner, says he wasn't even able to vote for himself.
Since the race was decided by three votes, four people must sign an affidavit at the Mississippi County clerk's office. So far, two residents have come forward saying they cast votes in the wrong ward. Craig Karnes is one of those, his wife is the other. "I don't really see how it can be a fair election when you can't vote for people in your Ward," said Karnes.
Karnes is the brother-in-law of Freeland who was defeated in ward one. In the meantime, Mississippi County clerk, Junior Delay, says the election stands unless two more people come forward soon. "I'm hoping two others come in and sign and make it a fair election, " said Karnes.
The deadlines for voters to sign an affidavit is 30 days from the Election, April 3rd.  Until that happens, the results of the election stand.