Some Bunny Loves You - reaching out on Easter

Some Bunny Loves You - reaching out on Easter
By: CJ Cassidy
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Kids across the country look forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny every year. Traditionally, the bunny leaves gifts for children who have been good. But what happens if you're unfortunate enough to find yourself in hospital on Easter Sunday?
Some youngsters in pediatric wards in Cape Girardeau were in for a surprise, as they had a most unexpected visitor. If 17-year-old Nic Adams of Fredericktown thought he was too old to believe in the Easter Bunny, a special visit from the cotton-tail cutie has him thinking twice. "It's really nice," he says clutching the soft toy the bunny gave him.
The bunny's visit gave Nic's parents, sitting anxiously by his bedside, a reason to smile as well. They've been holding back tears ever since their son ended up at St. Francis Hospital, after a car crash this weekend. "He doesn't remember what happened, but we know he hit a bridge embankment," Rick Adams says.
The bunny also loped down the corridors at Southeast Missouri Hospital with it's basket of goodies.
Susan Suhr's spent hours agonizing over her 15-month-old son Colby after he developed a viral infection. "He was weak and didn't eat," Susan says. Now the fever's gone, and even though Susan wishes she and her little one could have spent Easter at home - she's grateful to the bunny and the cuddly memento it left behind. "I hope they continue to do this. It's good for the kids and their parents," she says.
So, how did the bunny find it's way to Cape Girardeau? It's all thanks to Cape County Sheriff John Jordan. "The program is called Some Bunny Loves You, and is sponsored by the National Sheriff's Association. They were looking for volunteers to start the program in Missouri, and asked me to be the first in the Show Me State, and so I volunteered," Jordan says.
He adds that the bunny will return to brighten up Easter for other sick children next year.
In the meantime he and his furry friend leave youngsters like Nic Adams with a "tale" to tell their friends. John Jordan hopes other sheriffs in Missouri take up the "Some Bunny Loves You" program in their counties, and says this year alone, the program touched the lives of more than 30,000 sick children nationwide.
Toys are bought with money provided by the national program.