West Frankfort man hosts two Miners players in his home

West Frankfort man hosts two Miners players in his home
By: Carly O'Keefe
WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. - The Southern Illinois Miners still have more than a month to go before their season starts. When they do start playing, it's no secret, the miners players won't make as much money as the major leaguers do. But they shouldn't have trouble finding an affordable place to live while they're in Marion, thanks to the team's "Host a Miner" program.

One baseball fan is more than willing to open up his home to not one, but two new roommates. That's because Rick Hill of West Frankfort doesn't just love baseball. For him, it's a way of life. "If I lived closer to St. Louis, I'd be at every home game they have, I've already been to two of the three Cardinal games this season," said Hill.

Hill's baseball season this year will be less about the Cardinals and more about the Miners. And the Miners won't just bring baseball closer to home, it'll be in his home.

Two team members move into Hill's home in three weeks. Hill is spending his days getting the house ready. "We're just about there, almost ready," said Hill. Once the rooms are ready, Hill knows his new roommates won't spend that much time in them. "They travel by bus everywhere, so they'll be on the road a lot. I think they'll only be here to sleep and eat a little," Hill said.

While they may be busy playing ball, at least they'll have a place to call home in southern Illinois.

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