Locals fight for fire station to lower insurance rates

Locals fight for fire station to lower insurance rates
By: Erica Byfield

CALLOWAY COUNTY, Ky. - A group of Heartland people are on a mission to save themselves some money. They are trying to figure out how to cut their home insurance rates in half. We traveled to Calloway County learned by they say the key saving some green is red.

Eva Richardson can't say enough about her neighborhood, it's just the way she likes it "it's quite and peaceful." Plus, Richardson's able to tend to two of her favorite things, her garden and her loveable dog Ali.

But there is one down side to living in this lake side community and it's a problem she shares with every home owner within a five mile radius; the closest fire house is about 9 miles away. "We have some nice homes in here and to have good fire protection and have something close by would up the value of the property" said Richardson.

So to cut down on the response time and slice their home insurance rates in half, a group of homeowners approached the county fire chief. "They want a fire station with their 5 mile area for better insurance rating plus better fire protection" said Chief Greg Cherry.

The extra station would bring the total number of volunteer fire stations in Calloway County to 11.

Chief Cherry says he's up to challenge of outfitting another station as long as the homeowners raise some cash "they are going to try to raise 50,000 to get it started and part of the remaining will come out of tax money to help." The next step is to find a location. Chief Cherry says it has to be centralized to make sure the department serves the largest amount of homeowners.

Meanwhile, Eva Richardson is hopefully this plan works out because if she has a huge investment this community and doesn't want to see it go up in smoke. If built, the new fire station will have pumper and tanker engines.