YourTurn - 4/9/07

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Doug Beavers of Doniphan, Missouri:
"I don't understand why Channel 12 has to take off regular programming and put on basketball.  I would wager that if you took an honest poll of your viewers, more would rather watch regular programming than so much basketball"
SIU alumnus Nicole Raynor:
"I recently watched your coverage of SIU's head coach Chris Lowery's proposed pay increase. I support the increase...Coach Lowery has brought SIU Basketball into the spotlight...If bringing SIU athletics into the foreground is a way to bring attention (and revenues) to SIU, then I am in complete support. SIU is an amazing resource for this area and is an asset to all local residents."
Ryan Tooke from Patterson, Missouri:
"Have you heard of the FairTax bill that was started in 1995? I read the literature from and really like what the bill has to explains in detail how the Fair Tax works. It actually removes the federal income tax from our paychecks."
Ken Grady from Poplar Bluff:
"...I have found that we live by deadlines...If a deadline is not set for the troops to withdraw and the Iraq government to get their people and military in a position to function, why would the people of Iraq care if they ever got control of their country?"

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