Smoking ban in Carbondale to begin in 2008

Smoking ban in Carbondale to begin in 2008
By: Arnold Wyrick
CARBONDALE, Ill. - After months of kicking around proposals to go smoke-free in Carbondale, city council members finally gave their stamp of approval.  And now smokers will have to step outside to enjoy a smoke after their meal.
The smoke-free ban goes into affect for all restaurants and bars that serve food on January 1st 2008.  Then on July 1st, 2008, all other bar-owners will have to ask smokers to refrain from lighting up inside. "I understand why some people wouldn't like it.  But, the majority of people obviously don't care that much about it.  Because if they did then it wouldn't be economically profitable for restaurants to have a smoking section," says Doug Levesque of Carbondale.
But the city leaders decision to snuff out smoking had nothing to do with economics, and more to do wit peoples health. "I think it will be nice to sit in a restaurant and not smell smoke.  And it makes your food taste awful," says Annette Conder of Carbondale.
Some business manager aren't overly concerned about how the no smoking ban will affect their sales. "It's not going to affect our business too much.  It's not going to shut our doors.  I do feel it's going to bring more people out who other wise may not have come out to eat," says Chris Stewart manager at Buffalo Wild Wings in Carbondale, Illinois.
That's a choice that some people say at least they'll still get to make. "I think it should be freedom, who ever wants to smoke smoke," says Tina Neeley of Carbondale.
But some customers tell Heartland News that once the smoking-light is shut off for good in Carbondale, they'll find some place else to eat, and smoke if they choose too. "I feel that if Carbondale enacts this ban, my reaction to that will be to continue my business in other towns all around the area.  And I'll take all of my business out of Carbondale," says Dan Cheatum of Carbondale.