Father calls 5-year-old daughter a hero

Father calls 5-year-old daughter a hero
By: Ryan Tate
IRON MOUNTAIN LAKE, Mo. - Daniel Cauley has a history of blacking out. He says sometimes it happens three or four times a day.  Usually, someone is around. Monday, only his five year old daughter Trinity was in the house.
"Daddy fell. So I called 911," Trinity said.

Earlier in the day, Daniel wrote the numbers 911 on a piece of paper and told Trinity to call it if he blacked out.  That is exactly what she did. "In my two and a half years as a dispatcher, I have never had a phone call like that," St. Francois County Dispatcher Larry Gould said. "It was unbelievable."

Gould stayed on the phone with Trinity until help arrived. "I hope doctors can figure out what causes the blackouts. I hope to get some tests done," Daniel said.

Meanwhile, Trinity knows what to do in case her dad blacks-out again. "She is a special girl, she will do well in life," Cauley said. "She is my hero."