Sexual abuse charges involve a Ste. Genevieve daycare

Sexual abuse charges involve a Ste. Genevieve daycare
By: CJ Cassidy
Ste. GENEVIEVE COUNTY, Mo. - A shocking story out of Ste. Genevieve County. Police say 60-year-old William Huck Senior, admits to molesting kids at his wife's in home daycare for the past thirty years.
Huck already faces more than a dozen charges of molestation. Investigators believe there are many more victims out there, beyond the ones who have been identified so far, who they say were anywhere from 6 months, to about 5 years when the alleged abuse took place.
Considering the daycare has had hundreds of children go through there over the years, police say there's no telling how many victims might come forward. "Why haven't people come forward? One of the reasons is, because of the age of the victims. Disclosures are difficult, and children who may have been victimized may not disclose information at this time," Lt. Tim Craig with the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff's Department says.
Huck's wife owns the daycare. She wouldn't comment on camera, but tells me she's in shock, and that she is also a victim. Investigators also call her a victim of her husbands alleged actions. Police say Huck sexually abused his young victims, when his wife wasn't around. "Some of these incidents were momentary ones, where the suspect seized moments of opportunity.
This wasn't a thought out process," Craig says. So, how did police find out what was happening?
Court documents detail in explicit language, how a four-year-old inadvertently told his parents what went on when his daycare owner wasn't around. "I don't see how anybody could do this to a child," daycare operator Susan Wilson says.
She is shocked someone could get away with the alleged crimes for so long, in their tight knit community. Huck's daycare didn't require a license. Susan Wilson owner says maybe it should have. "We all need a boss. I have health inspections, and state licensing agents who come out and check this place out twice a year," Wilson says.
If you've had a child who attended that daycare, what should you do as a parent? Police say talk to your child, and really listen to what they have to say. They also suggest watching for any unusual behavior like bed-wetting.
If you have any questions, or information you think might help, please call the Ste. Geneveieve County Sheriff's Department at (573) 883-5820.