High school students to get majors with new program

High school students to get majors with new program
By: Erica Byfield

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. - One local high school just isn't what it used to be, it's changing course. The core subjects are the same but now students have majors. If you're thinking college, you've got the right idea.

As of next fall the seniors, juniors and sophomores at Graves County High will take classes according to their major. The school's Assistant Principal says this curriculum restructuring plan is long over due "we have to make changes, high school have been unchanged for 100 years" said Carla Whitis.

Here's how it will work.  Soon Graves County High will become a school within a school, broken into four major parts called career academies. "Each academy is going to gear all their academics toward that career area" said Whitis.

At the end of their freshman year students will pick one of three career paths: (1) fine arts, human services, (2) math, science, engineering or (3) business and marketing.
"We feel that it will help students make better decisions as they are going to post secondary" said Whitis. 
Another aspect of career academies is called looping.  Meaning students will have the same math, science, English and social studies teachers their last three years in school.  The reason behind this is to build strong relationships between students and teachers.   
What do the students think? Eli Green says he's on board but some of his friends are worried "they are a little bit nervous, anytime something big happens they are going to be lots of questions."
The major a student picks is not set in stone, if they eventually want switch leaders say that's ok because the goal here is to help students find the field they enjoy the best.
Graves County High School will join a handful of schools in the nation that use the career academy method.