YourTurn - 4/2/07

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Kyle Barringer from Carbondale:
"I would like to commend your and your station for the excellent programming you have provided on the Saluki Men's Basketball Team.  The streaming press conferences were very nice and the additional (coverage) Chad Fryman did were excellent.  He provided a great deal of what goes on behind the scenes during the NCAA Tournament."
Kenny Young from Harrisburg:
"I watched the story about General Peter Pace's comments about gays in the military.  I couldn't agree more with him.  Having proudly served in the U.S. Army at Fort Campbell, Kentucky I'm speaking from experience.  I know this will offend some gay rights advocates, TOO BAD!  I'm entitled to my opinion the same as they are."
Retired Sergeant Dale Moore of Williamsville, Missouri:
"I went to the (Veterans Hospital) in Poplar Bluff...having chest pains...they checked my heart out and sent me home...I was able to go to Poplar Bluff Regional Hospital where two of my arteries were clogged...two months after the VA said there was nothing wrong I was having (a) bypass.  If it wasn't for me being able to go to another doctor I would be dead's time our government got more involved with...the treatment (military veterans receive) at the VA hospitals."
Josh DeLay from Dexter:
"Every time I drive down Highway Business 60 in Dexter every high school student has a phone glued to their this age should be focused on the road."

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