Ten year noise battle with local race track is over

Ten year noise battle with local race track is over
By: Erica Byfield

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - A local man has been battling for ten years to get a little peace and quiet.  He told us he's optimistic the sound will be turned down soon. You can't see it from Gary Smith's driveway, but he's confident if you dropped by one Saturday evening you would hear it. "You have to go to the basement and turn the TV up really loud to drown out the sound" said Smith.

He has lived in this hill top neighborhood for 30 years and says the last ten we're anything but peaceful.

What has kept Smith up for the past decade; the sound of race cars zipping around the Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway. Officially the racetrack is allowed to stay open until midnight, the only problem, sometimes it runs much later than that. "We've had people complaining and they have violated permits" said Marshall County Commissioner Jerry English. "Sometimes they've gone as late as 2 in the morning and we're laying there trying to go to sleep with that kind of noise and not knowing for sure when it's going to stop" said Smith.

County Commissioner English said even though he's a huge racing fan himself, he knows the county has to do something "what we're tying to do is eliminate the problem and trying to make everybody happy."

So, the commission voted on a compromise, no more racing past midnight and this time it will be enforced. After hearing the news Gary Smith says he's thrilled "I was real glad to see the county back us up finally and set a time frame where we will know at this time the races will finally be over and we can get some sleep."

The next race at the Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway is scheduled for May fourth.