Sikeston man arrested for gunning down man near local bar

Sikeston man arrested for gunning down man near local bar
By: CJ Cassidy
SIKESTON, Mo. - Leroy "Chuck" King of Sikeston now faces first degree murder and armed criminal action charges in the death of 37-year-old Richard Sterling. The shooting happened around 9:30 PM Tuesday night near Cronies on East Malone.
Police say Sterling was inside Cronie's bar and somehow ended up in the parking lot outside with Chuck King. King then allegedly opened fire with a 12 gauge pump shotgun, hitting Sterling in the chest and one of his upper thighs. Pellets from the gun went through the window of the nearby Monster Tattoo parlor, narrowly missing several people inside.
Sterling's daughter says she can't believe her dad's life came to such a horrible end. "He was my dad's friend that back stabbed him in the back, then ended up taking his life," Lindsay Sterling says, sadly.
She says her father, Richard's problems with Chuck King began several years ago. "He was supposedly a fling my mom had and that's why they divorced. It never really came out that anything happened, but that's the guy supposedly," Lindsey says.
"We do know there had been some previous altercation between these individuals, but we're not sure what crux of that was yet," Chief Drew Juden with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety says.
Police say King turned himself in shortly after the shooting. Investigators says they found a shot gun in king's vehicle, but strangely could not find any shells that would have been pumped out at the scene of the crime. "That's sick - he needs to rot in jail for that," Lindsey says.
Now Lindsey says she will focus on the good times she and her dad shared to help her survive this tragedy. "Nothing will make it better, but I know I have one hell of a guardian angel up there now.
That's the only way I can put it. I know that somebody that cares and the person who loves me more than anything else is up there with God looking down on me, and is going to make anything right," Lindsey says.
King is being held in the Scott County Jail on $250,000 bond.