Local towns start spring cleaning to get rid of eyesores

Local towns start spring cleaning to get rid of eyesores
By: Arnold Wyrick
ELKVILLE & DOWELL, Ill. - It's that time of year again when we start figuring out what needs to be done to clean things up around our homes. And it's no different for city leaders. They too are planning on doing a little spring-cleaning of their own.

The village boards in Elkville and Dowell are planning to remove some eyesores and unwanted debris building up in residents yards. "What we're trying to do is get people to clean up their yards, get rid of the old vehicles sitting in them, and fix up or remove rundown homes," says Elkville Mayor Lance Bedar.

And the mayor is teaming up with the mayor in Dowell to work on cleaning up their towns together.  Something that some residents say is long overdue. "There's a lot of things around here that need to be cleaned up.  Not only for kids safety because we do have a lot of kids walking around here who could be in danger walking on to some properties," says Pamela Groh of Elkville.

Some folks who have called Elkville home for years, say they've always tried to keep things picked up around their homes.  And that it's now time their neighbors did the same. "I think the town does need to be cleaned up.  I keep my property clean.  Mister George keeps his property clean, why shouldn't the rest of them have to keep their property clean.  It's the only fair thing to do," says Bill Gauch of Elkville.

Mayor Bedar tells Heartland News that he also plans to crack down on folks living in modular homes, by placing an age limit on them, and a location ordinance.

City leaders don't plan on stopping there, they also are working on a property maintenance ordinance that would require homeowners to keep their grass eight inches or less.  And either repair or remove rundown structures from their property. "Driving down here you drive through towns they look neat and clean and other towns look junky.  So you know a nice clean town always looks better," says Lawrence George of Elkville.

And that's exactly what the mayors in both towns want, a better looking community for folks to call home.