Dexter dog thief still on the run

Dexter dog thief still on the run
By: Holly Brantley
DEXTER, Mo. - Is there a pet theft ring in Dexter? One resident believes that may be the case. Frank Pickett's dog, Maya is priceless to his family. So, they can't believe someone would steal her and sell her for one hundred dollars.
It happened last Tuesday in Dexter. Police believe someone lured Maya to the backyard fence, took her, and then sold the Alaskan Husky to another woman in town.
It's a story with a rare, but happy ending. The Pickett's got Maya back. They have two other dogs, Mason and Malon. To the Pickett's they aren't just dogs, they're children. "They're my kids," said Frank Pickett. So imagine how it devastated the family to discover Maya was missing. "I come home and my wife's crying," said Pickett. "I cried with her. Apparently someone snatched her over our fence."
Pickett took Maya's picture to the Dexter Police Department. To everyone's surprise, Maya was found a few days later. Police spotter her in a woman's back yard just over a mile from the family's home. "Whoever took her sold her for one hundred bucks," said Pickett. "I can't believe somebody would steal another man's dog."
This isn't the first time the Pickett's have had to search for a pet. Mason was stolen when he was a pup. Unbelievably he escaped, and returned to the family. "I think someone did it for money for drugs," Pickett said.
Again, the Dexter resident who bought Maya says she got her from a man who calls himself Todd. Police say they deal with several pet thefts in Dexter a year. It's recommended that you take lots of pictures of your pet and take note of any distinct markings. Also, getting your pet micro chipped for positive identification is recommended.
No arrests have been made so far and the woman who bought Maya faces no charges. The case is still under investigation. Dexter Police warn that pet theft is considered a felony.