Stolen little league bleachers found

Stolen little league bleachers found
By: Carly O'Keefe
MURPHYSBORO, Ill. - The Murphysboro Little League Complex has had its problems: shots fired into the doors of the concession stand, thieves stealing tools and soda machines, and the concession stand burned to the ground last summer. Now, before the 2007 season has even started, someone has stolen several bleacher seats from the complex.
Monday morning the bleachers were located. They were found along a road, deputies say it appears they fell out of a moving vehicle. There was no word on their condition.
Sunday Murphysboro Baseball Inc. board member Rick Kammingo said, "We were hoping to start anew and before the season even starts, we're looking at 14 benches that are gone."
Police believe thieves stole the aluminum bleacher seats to sell for scrap metal, but it's a serious strike to the complex's budget. The complex is funded solely by little league registration fees and concession sales. "I think this five tier section is about $1,750 and that's when we bought it," said Kammingo. "But the price is up for aluminum, so I don't know what it'll cost now."
Little league season starts in mid-April. Kammingo says before the first pitch is thrown, folks will have somewhere to sit. "If we can't afford to replace the aluminum, we're going to put in wooden benches back in. It may not be the same, but at least people can sit down and watch the game," said Kammingo.
While Murphysboro Baseball Inc. doesn't have much extra money to spend, Kammingo does plan to invest in security cameras to stop vandals and thieves from causing more damage to the complex.