Family attacked while they sleep

Family attacked while they sleep
By: Arnold Wyrick
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ill. - A Franklin County family awoke early Friday morning to a man in their home carrying a knife, according to Zeigler's Assistant Chief of Police Kevis Scuras.  Police aren't saying much more then that about the attack on the family.
But, they are searching for the suspect, who they consider armed and dangerous.
The family who were attacked while they were asleep are talking about their near-death experience.
"We had just gone to bed about 30 minute before we heard the door being kicked open.  I got up and looked and saw a man running into our bedroom.  We started to fight.  And at some point he pulled my girlfriend off the bed and slammed her to the ground," says the victim, who doesn't want to be identified at this time.
The two men continued struggling with one another throughout the house.  The couple's 10-month old daughter was just a few feet away in another room.
"That's what worried me the most, because her room is right next to the door he kicked in.  I didn't even know I was cut, or hit or anything.  But I know once I kicked him out the back door and slammed the big door, there was blood pouring everywhere," the victim said.
The father has cuts in his face, left ear, and head.  And numerous puncture wounds in his arms, hands and forehead.
"I don't think he was ready for a fight.  I think he was just thinking it was going to be someone easy and get it done with."
Now the Zeigler Police Department is asking for your help tracking down who broke into this family's home and attacked them around midnight, Thursday night.  If you have any information about this attack, please call police at 618-724-2432.