Fans disappointed by loss but proud of the players

Fans disappointed by loss but proud of the players
By: Carly O'Keefe
CARBONDALE, Ill. - Some Saluki fans who couldn't make it all the way to San Jose to support the men's basketball team gathered at Pinch Penny Pub to cheer just as enthusiastically as if they were watching the game from court side seats.
The Elite Eight was so close, fans could taste it. In the end, SIU lost by three points. Still, Saluki fans say they're proud of how far the team has come, and how close it came to making history.
"You gotta be proud of those guys. They went out there and gave it everything they had, I mean, I think Kansas is a top gun, and they played them so hard. I am so proud, Carbondale should be so proud of what we put out on the floor tonight," said Saluki fan Chris Hunter.
"They actually played the best game I've seen all season. They really played their hearts out and they should be proud of themselves. It was wonderful," said Saluki fan Ann Bivens.
"They really wanted to win. It was in their hearts and souls and they did a great job and we're proud of them in southern Illinois," said Saluki fan Beth Walker.
Fans say they say they can't wait until next season to cheer the Salukis on again, hopefully back in the NCAA playoffs.