Vandals attack local school and businesses

Vandals attack local school and businesses
By: Arnold Wyrick
VERGENNES, Ill. - It was just before midnight on Wednesday when the alarms at the Vergennes Junior High School alerted police to trouble at the building.  When they arrived on the scene, they discovered several windows smashed out by vandals.
"Of course it's always upsetting because we don't want any damage to our school.  Our biggest fear is that someone goes inside and causes more damage.  And we were glad that didn't happen in this case," says Principal Belinda Conner.

And Conner credits the school's security system for possibly preventing the vandals from entering the building. "It looks like it was pieces and chunks of asphalt that was thrown through the windows.  That's what police found in the classrooms."

But the school wasn't the only target of the vandals Wednesday night, they also struck Bastien Feed Store and The Country Store, smashing out windows in both locations. "It's disgraceful, it's taxpayer money that they are throwing away.  There's money needed for school activities as it is, not to be used to repair what these people have torn up," says Ray Doerr of Vergennes.

Now the Jackson County Sheriff's office is asking for your help tracking down who is responsible for vandalizing the school and local businesses in Vergennes, Illinois on Wednesday night.  If you have any information, you're asked to call the police at 618-684-2177.