Internal Antenna

Tired of all that static on your cell phone? Maybe the Internal Antenna can help. It claims to be 'like having a four-foot antenna on your phone.'

Elevators are notorious for making your cell phone reception take a nose dive. So Amy tries making a call inside the station elevator. "When I dial an office in this same building, the phone gives me this message: traveling," says Amy. "The problem is, it can't travel far enough! We can't even make a connection in this elevator."

And it's the same problem in one low-lying Cape Girardeau subdivision, surrounded by hills. You can't make a call without expensive roaming charges.

And the owner of one home says his basement is a real dead-spot for cell phones. Amy tries placing a call, there, too. But the phone's antenna is simply not strong enough to pick-up a signal. Can the Internal Antenna make a difference? The Internal Antenna promises to reduce static and work even in tunnels. So it should work in the basement. And it's pretty easy to install. It's more or less just a sticker.

After the Internal Antenna is in place, Amy tries calling the station again. And it rings... only to play a message saying you have to dial one and the area code. They were still roaming. The Internal Antenna didn't help.

Amy goes back to that black-hole subdivision. And the results are just the same as before... the phone started roaming.

Finally, the elevator. And again, the Internal Antenna made no difference.

Don't waste a dollar on the Internal Antenna, much less the $11 it really costs! The only thing it makes clearer, is a caller's frustration. The Internal Antenna flunks out.