Focus Bank's i-Remote Banking

Focus Bank's i-Remote Banking solution enables businesses to electronically process their deposits without leaving their office. Remote Deposit, or commonly referred to as Merchant Check Capture, is secure, quick & convenient!

i-Remote Banking is a turn-key deposit solution. We provide each client with a dedicated PC, scanner, software and training. Customer site set-up is fast and easy - Set up PC software, connect scanner to PC & run a "test deposit" and set-up is complete!

With this system, you can scan your checks, front and back, and transmit them securely to the bank over the Internet via an encrypted file. The 128-bit encryption code is approved by the FDIC and the Federal Reserve and is used by all major banks and  government agencies in the United States. A unique key code is randomly generated every time a deposit is prepared. The key code is authenticated at the bank to further ensure the deposit is coming from a valid remote depositor. After transmission, an electronic acknowledgement is sent to inform the client the deposit has been received. Your funds are next day availability, which improves cash flow and allows you to manage your funds more efficiently.

i-Remote Banking simplifies your banking relationships. The system allows you to consolidate multiple account relationships into one. You can even designate multiple accounts to receive your deposits. Plus, research is quick.

With i-Remote Banking you can eliminate the need to photocopy, endorse, record, total, prepare deposit tickets, and drive to the bank. Let us help you improve the process of electronic banking and save money - all from the convenience of your own office!

Features and Benefits

  • Convenient
  • Save Money
  • Extended Cut-Off Times
  • Better Availability of Funds
  • Improved Research
  • Reduces Employee Errors
  • Safe & Secure